SB100 Exhibition – event on May 7, 2019


Giving continuity to Sergio Bernardes Centennial celebrations, a debate about his work will take place, with the researchers Adriana Caúla (EAU/UFF), Thaysa Malaquias (FAU/UFRJ), Fausto Sombra (FAU/Mackenzie) and Ethel Santana (PROARQ/UFRJ), mediated by prof. Ana Amora (PROARQ/UFRJ).


At Centro Carioca de Design (Praça Tiradentes, 48, Rio de Janeiro)

May 7, 2019


6 pm – Exhibition of the movie ‘Mission Rio’
Synopsis: Documentary about the political and administrative plan of the city of Rio de Janeiro prepared by the architect and urban planner Sergio Bernardes.

Director: Sérgio Bernardes Filho; Duration: 42 min; Year: 1982; Country: Brazil


7 pm – Debate ‘The Work of Sergio Bernardes’



Poetic Geometry Exhibition


Sergio Bernardes’ Rampa chair was part of the exhibition Poetic Geometry, promoted by Dpot at the Milan Design Week 2019. In addition to Sergio Bernardes, the installation exhibited pieces by Lina Bo Bardi, Geraldo de Barros, Claudia Moreira Salles, among others. The exhibition was shown at the Ventura Centrale from April 9th to 14th.



SB100 Exhibition


The SB100 Exhibition marks the beginning of the centennial of the architect Sergio Bernardes and gathers a small cut of his extensive production. We propose a (re)discovery of this restless and humorous carioca architect, creator of his own language.



Casa do Claudio / ArchDaily


Casa do Claudio, a project by Claudio Bernardes, was published at ArchDaily.

Check it out at this link.



Infinito Vão Exhibition


The exhibition “Infinito Vão – 90 years of Brazilian architecture” will be inaugurated on September 28th in the Casa da Arquitectura – Portuguese Architecture Center, Matosinhos, Portugal.

The exhibition features drawings from the Rio do Futuro project and unpublished photos of the São Cristóvão Pavilion, by Sergio Bernardes.