Sergio Bernardes


The project was a pioneer in Brazil by offering the open plant.

As its name suggests, Alta (High in portuguese) House is based on the principle of a vertical subdivision. In it, the owner acquired a space where, according to his habits, needs and family financial planning, he would build his house.

One of the advantages of this modular unit system is that the client would have the freedom to decide the internal division of the apartment, since everything could be modified over time, and could even hire an architect of their choice from the beginning.

Each owner could choose between closing their unit with one of the available solutions: glass; blind panel; niche for air conditioning; fixed shutters; mobile and tilting shutters, thus creating a dynamic visual programming within a rhythm that establishes the aesthetic unity of the project.

“Architecture becomes just the rhythm that accompanies and maintains the melody of human freedom to situate itself in a chosen space.” Sergio Bernardes.

Morro do Pasmado, Botafogo – Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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