Sergio Bernardes


Urban furniture designed in the shape of a keel to minimally interfere with the landscape of the Rio coastline, it was created to serve pedestrians and bathers. From Leme to Pontal, the stations were positioned at a distance of 500 meters, taking into account the careful movement of mobility and comfort.

The central volume of the post contains three levels:

At the level of the public walkway are located the men’s and women’s restrooms, shower, foot wash and side stairs with wooden plank floors, supported only by a central beam.

On the second level or upper deck, destined for the lifeguard, is the space with immediate aid equipment, such as stretcher and oxygen. At the end of the deck, a flag pole shows the conditions of use of the sea and the beach.

The water reservoir is located on the last level. And in the central body, facing the beach, four globes with an exclusive design were fixed at the top, which function as speakers and reflectors, with the aim of providing greater protection for the use of night activities.

In order to reflect the beauty of the surrounding landscape, the original project foresaw the covering of the central body with mirrored stainless steel plates, seeking an architecture without presence and minimizing, even more, the volume of the construction. In addition, as a way to preserve the areas free from dispersion, the implantation project foresaw, as a whole, Service Points located between Posts, at the subsoil level.

Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Project date: