Claudio Bernardes


The house designed by Claudio Bernardes for him and his family consists of a modular steel structure, under a tensioned waterproof canvas cover fixed by steel cables, attached to sloping sloping pillars.

The 25-meter long rectilinear pool is designed as a connecting element and connects the exterior to the interior, crossing the living-dining area until the garden.

The ground floor is completely open to the garden, with the exception of the service spaces block. The access to the room with double height is through large sliding glass doors. The upper floor is divided into two areas interconnected by a walkway with a glass railing, which crosses the free space of the double height of the living room. The bedrooms and the office are located on this upper floor and have geometric ceilings made of waxed paper that promote diffuse lighting – like a large lamp.

The transparency desired by Claudio allows full interior/exterior integration, and is achieved through the use of glass panels to close the façades; the large ground floor space without internal compartmentalization; the hollow staircase with a glass railing, and the walkway, an element that allows us to observe the whole ensemble from another point of view.

Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Project date:

420 m²

Claudio Bernardes

Rui Teixeira e Leonardo Finotti